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Dedicated Real Estate Research services

Today's changing real estate market dynamics and the volatile world in which our industry operates require knowledge and intelligence to create competitive advantage like never before. JLL​'s industry-leading research group delivers market analysis and insights that drive value in real estate decisions and support successful strategies for our clients.

Zooming Out: Studying the effect of Key Macroeconomic Indicators on India Real Estate

Ever wondered how exactly do macroeconomic factors like FDI, Affordability, Inflation, Business Sentiment Index etc affect the Real Estate scenario in India? Running right across one Real Estate cycle, here is a conclusive study that correlates the exact measure if impact that these factors have on the performance if various asset classes in India.  

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Setting the stage for Indian Realty: Modi’s mid-term performance report

As the NDA government finishes first half of its five-year tenure, JLL India rates its performance with specific reference to the real estate sector. This performance analysis is based on certain key parameters. Our latest research ‘Setting the stage for Indian Realty: Modi’s Mid-term Performance Report’ measures promises made in the election manifesto against what has actually been delivered till date and what the outlook is, for the next half of this government’s tenure.

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Senior Living Sector in India

Senior Living Sector in India: In the white paper ‘Senior Living Sector In India’, JLL India showcases seniors in India as a demographic segment, brings out key trends in senior housing in India, assesses overall market potential, focuses on best practices, and brings out a pan-India preview of senior living projects in India.

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Affordable Housing in India

Affordable Housing in India- Key Initiatives for Inclusive Housing for all: The Indian real estate sector has been an important growth driver to our economy for the last two decades. The industry started its journey by focusing to construct upscale to mid –budget housing primarily in the metropolitan and Tier I cities. As urbanization became the fancy of an average Indian the sector started focusing on building ultra luxary housing, shopping complexes, theme parks, entertainment zones amongst others. With the passage of time the dynamics of the sector started changing and the focus started shifting towards tier II cities. That had virtually laid the foundation stone for Mass Housing Project. It is indeed a giant stride taken by the current union government to launch “Housing for all by 2022 Mission”, so that every fellowcitizen has a roof over his head. Indian Private sector has to be equally responsible for ensuring the practical realiza

Cities Research Centre- City Momentum Index:

  The current cycle of globalisation, urbanisation and technological advancement is leading to a shake-up of the global urban hierarchy and creating sweeping changes to the geography of commercial real estate opportunity. In this new era of city competition, success is no longer purely about size or inherited attributes, but revolves around innovation, liveability and a city’s ability to transform and adapt to a constantly changing socio-economic landscape. Covering 120 major established and emerging business hubs across the globe, the Index measures a city’s short-term socio-economic and commercial real estate momentum (over a three-year horizon) in combination with measures of ‘future-proofing’ – whether a city has the essential ingredients to ensure longer-term sustainable momentum. In our latest research, we identify the characteristics of the Top 20

Indian Real Estate: Comprehending the varying speeds of growth

‘Indian Real Estate: Coming To Terms With Varying Speeds of Growth' makes a case for the varying speeds at which real estate asset classes have been performing in India over the past few years, and outlines the reasons behind this. The divergence in speed and direction of growth within the office, retail market and residential markets finds its roots in the country’s economy, which is also moving at multiple speeds within specific sectors. The report also highlights that the glaring complexities that arise in allocating investable resources across asset class within real estate, and cautions investors to sharpen their research and focus so as to continue to extract good returns from their real estate investments

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Peering into 2016- Taking Pulse of Investors’ Preference

2016 has begun on a mixed note for Indian Real Estate; while there are still concerns on slower sales and subdued demand there are also indicators of positive regulatory changes that may boost investor and buyer sentiment. Appropriately, we carried out an anonymous survey of seasoned Real Estate Investors in January 2016 through an online platform which saw excellent participation. Such sentiment surveys capture the mood of the participants and through specific queries identify participants’ areas of concern and hope. The focus of this survey was to understand the sentiment on various factors including return expectations, exits, preference on asset typologies and cities as well as impact of new and proposed regulatory reforms over a time frame of next 12 months.

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Deciphering the legal and commercial aspects of RERA

JLL India And Khaitan & Co Release Definitive Report On Real Estate Regulatory Bill Deciphering The Legal And Commercial Aspects of RERA’ – a definitive report on the game-changing Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 (RERA) at a press conference in Mumbai today. RERA was recently passed in the Parliament and it received the assent of the President of India on 25 March 2016. It has paved the way to setting up of a real estate regulator, which is proposed to be set up within one year from the date of coming into force of the Act, to deal with commercial and residential realty.

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Indian Real Estate: The Modi Impact

A sharp slowdown in economic growth and political mismanagement in India led to strong anti-incumbency sentiment which helped propel a charismatic leader - Narendra Modi – campaigning on change to win the May 2014 national election by a historic margin. With a platform promising to modernise infrastructure, foster growth of key industries and create millions of jobs, Prime Minister Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party wanted to strengthen India's economy and promote "Minimum Government, Maximum Governance". In our latest White Paper, we focus on the implications for the economy and real estate industry, looking at key initiatives taken by the government and areas that still need to be addressed. Download Report

Fully Engaged

The future of the workplace is changing – the way we work is evolving and organizations need to look for other strategies, tools or approaches to sustain and grow business. A focus on employee engagement has become a top business priority for senior executives. In this paper, we advocate for the importance of 'workplace expression' as a crucial tool that improves employee engagement and motivation and outline the performance and financial benefits an effective workplace expression can bring to an organization by examining the links between company culture and employee engagement.

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Smart Cities

Globalisation and the conscious shift towards a knowledge and information-based economy is resulting in a large number of Indian cities promoting themselves as smart and intelligent cities.

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Real Estate Private Equity 3.0

JLL’s latest research on the Indian real estate sector, dealing with how private equity (PE) into the country's property sector has changed over the years - and the current status on this front. The report 'Real Estate Private Equity 3.0' points out that PE players are now raising funds for specific real estate asset classes like residential, unlike the earlier modus operandi of raising diversified funds.

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Globalisation and Competition: The New World of Cities

"Globalisation and Competition: The New World of Cities JLL’s latest research reveals how traditional hierarchies are being shaken up by globalisation and competition. This will fundamentally change the geography of real estate. • We explore the strengths and weaknesses of ‘Established World Cities’ - the ‘Big Six’, and which cities may pose a threat to their dominance in the future. • We demonstrate a new understanding of Emerging Cities, identifying which cities are maturing fastest and have the greatest potential. • We look at the role of ‘New World Cities’ – smaller cities with unique specialisms which have put them in a strong position to compete for investment and talent, despite their lack of scale."

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Hyderabad 2022

This report analyses the development potential of Hyderabad - starting from its growth drivers to the projects being planned and an overall requirement analysis for the real estate development in the city. We also share a few recommendations with the government for fulfilling the 2022 objective.

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Asia Pacific Property Digest 3Q 2015

Asia Pacific investment volumes are at $88 billion year-to-date and are on track for a record level in 2015. Increased space requirements from corporates have been reflected in a 33% surge in leasing activity over the same period.

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Emerging Hotspots in Tamil Nadu

Beyond Chennai, Salem, Coimbatore, Trichy and Madurai are expected to drive the State's economy in future

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Is Indian real estate heading towards a tectonic shift ?

Our latest white paper, released at the CII Real Estate Conclave 2015, offers a perspective on the transition of real estate in India over the past few years and, the forces compelling this industry to evolve.

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Rebooting Indian Real Estate

A Twelve Month Realty Report Card of the NDA Government

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